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Wisconsin anger class online is the ideal program for today’s busy person who is trying to juggle work, personal obligations, and a family but is in need of anger management training. If you are finding yourself repeatedly doing or saying things that you don’t really mean, are hostile and edgy at work or on the roads, or are feeling isolated because others don’t want to be around you, it’s time to get your anger under control. Anger Class Online has been the premier distance-learning program in the country since 2003. Our classes have been widely accepted throughout the country to fulfill court ordered anger management training, for workplace needs and self-improvement purposes.

There are many different factors that make us susceptible to anger. One is an accumulation of years of built-up stress and hostility that has been smoldering and finally leads you to blow-up. Or, it could be a particularly frustrating week full of unforeseen obstacles. In many cases, the individual grew up in a household in which violent or badgering behavior was acceptable and this is all he or she knows. The good news is that research shows that even if you’ve spent a lifetime with chronic anger, it’s possible to learn how to change your belief system and therefore your behavior to better manage the way you react to frustrating people and situations. Anger management classes teach individuals how to recognize what is triggering their emotions and stress management skills to cope with these feelings. They also help to develop empathy, improve impulse control, understand conflict resolution techniques, consider forgiveness, manage expectations, and change the conversation in your head to a more reasonable and positive thought process.

Quick and Easy To Use, 100% Online!

Our online program is available from any Internet connected computer device like a PC, laptop, IPad, Tablet or even a Smartphone, 24/7. This means you can take it from home, the local library, coffee house, or even hotel rooms while you are on the road for business. The participant has total control to decide when he or she would like to spend time learning so it’s possible to even get a class done in one weekend. The entire course is read online with no paperwork or workbooks to fill out or keep track of. Participants simply login and read through the educational material on the screen in front of them. The computer program holds your last spot so you can continue from where you left off when you log back in.

Standard and Custom Class Lengths Available

Wisconsin Anger Class Online is available in the following standard, often court-ordered lengths. We can also tailor make a class length for your particular needs.

While we have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the state of Wisconsin. Some of the most common areas include: Cornell, Eau Claire, FDL, Ferryville, Franksville, Frederic, Hartland, Hillsdale, Hudson, Kenosha, Madison, Menomonie, Milton, Milwaukee and Waupaca.

Program Price
4 Hour Anger Class $95.00 Register
8 Hour Anger Class $195.00 Register
10 Hour Anger Class $225.00 Register
12 Hour Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour Anger Class $495.00 Register
36 Hour Anger Class $595.00 Register
52 Hour Anger Class $995.00 Register
8 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $195.00 Register
12 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $245.00 Register
16 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $295.00 Register
20 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $375.00 Register
26 Hour SPANISH Anger Class $495.00 Register

Certificate of Completion Included

Once you have successfully finished the class, we will send you a Certificate of Completion at no additional charge. This document includes your name, case number, the class name, your date of birth, the date you finished the course and our official corporate licensing information and seal. We can also make the certificate available for you to download immediately upon completion. This gives you the ability to email it right away to anyone who needs to see it. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost.

Premier Customer Service

We take pride in our commitment to our clients and offer trained staff to answer your questions during the workweek. Please leave a message if we don’t pick up right away and we will get right back to you. Dr. Novick is a licensed and practicing Family and Anger Management Therapist in Laguna Beach, CA. He is also available if you need him to speak with an attorney, probation officer, judge or social worker.

How Do I Know If This Class Will Be Accepted?

Our classes are designed to be court approved and we have experienced great success in many areas throughout Wisconsin such as Eau Claire, Bellevue, Greenfield, La Crosse and Madison. However, we always suggest that our customers get prior approval to take an online program from their judge, attorney, probation officer, or social worker. The reason for this is that every case is different and we never know when a particular judge will expect an offender to take an in-person class for their specific requirements. If you take our program and then find out that your court will not accept it, we will issue you a 100% refund. Simply provide us with written proof of decline within 60 days of class purchase and we will credit your card back in full.

Anger Management Topics In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a beautiful, green and lush state located in the Midwest. It is a great place to live with an unemployment rate hovering around 6.2%, lower than the national rate of about 6.7%. It is one of the nations leading dairy producers including cheese, butter and milk. It ranks first in the country for production of snap peas, ginseng and cranberries and is also a leader in paper and packaging products. However, problems arise because of various aspects of Wisconsin’s social norm that can trigger anger management issues. At the forefront is the significance of drinking. The state ranks near the top of national statistics on per-capita alcohol consumption, binge drinking, DUIs and the number of drinkers. In fact, state law allows individuals under the age of 21 to be served, possess and consume alcohol if they are with a parent, legal guardian or spouse who is 21 or over and gives legal consent. This culture encourages excessive and risky behavior, which can lead minors to get into trouble with the law. We offer anger management classes for adolescents, specifically aimed at the 11 – 17 year old crowd who might need help improving their decision-making and judgment skills.

Road Rage

Aggressive driving is also a problem in the Dairyland. The AAA reports that up to 56% of fatal crashes in Wisconsin have been caused by over-aggressive drivers. It doesn’t help that in 2010 23.7% of those interviewed admitted to driving while under the influence of alcohol, which is the highest admitted rate in the nation. If you find yourself increasingly frustrated and irritable while behind the wheel, it is important to take a break and calm down before you cause a serious problem. Pull over and stretch your legs, get a drink of water and regroup before resuming your drive. Individuals who spend a lot of time on the roads and are having trouble controlling their emotions often utilize anger management classes.

Wisconsin Client Testimonial

“Out late with my work buddies, I got into it with the bartender when he refused to continue serving us. Everything escalated and the next thing I knew, the cops were there. One of the stipulations of my plea agreement was to take an anger management class. Anger Class Online was perfect because I could get it done over a weekend and didn’t have to miss any work. I learned a lot from this program and highly recommend it!” Kelso T. - Ann Arbor, WI