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7 Reasons Anger Management Classes Save Marriages


Anyone who has decided to marry can understand that the long-term connection can make anger management classes a good option. There are quite a few reasons why anger management classes save marriages everyday, and in the hopes of helping those in need see the light of, maybe, getting the anger from destroying the marriage I have gathered a list of reasons anger management classes can save your marriage.

7. The Nag. Nagging is the natural order for some individuals, but nagging can be a very strong form of passive aggression. Some of the people who are reading this right now may think that the term 'nagging' is just a joyful term used to mess with women who like to gab. In the long term reality of marriage 'nagging' can become a huge problem for the man and the woman. Anger management classes can help couples work through the pet peeves and nit-picking to have a direct affect to save marriages.


6. Long distance. Since the inception of work that requires travel there have been marriages that have fallen victim to that constant distance. Whether the distance is caused by military service, business travel, acting regardless of the reason, the distance can cause resentment and anger. Anger management classes will allow the couple to talk out the problem using a mediator, the therapist, as a tool to find a solution that saves the marriage and sanity of all involved.


5. Sexual Frustration. Marriages that can go very long term can cause the sex life to seem routine. That can quickly lead the entire bedroom life of the marriage to crash and burn, each blaming the other for the lack of adventure and fulfillment. Taking anger management classes can open the dialogue of what each partner wants and likes. The chance for the couple to articulate the problems honestly can save marriages in just a few sessions!


4. Money. Simply put, money can cause a marriage to end almost as quickly as it was sealed with kiss. The help of an anger management therapist can administer classes and sessions that can make the problem areas easier to accept by both husband and wife.


3. Under appreciation. The source of countless fights and divorces has been the result from the feeling of being under-appreciated by their spouse. Getting into anger management classes will give the couple a chance to voice out what they feel and when it happens most often. That unbridled honesty just may save the marriage just in time.


2. Lying and omissions. It’s understandable for anyone to want to leave their spouse if constant lies and omissions of the truth have to be uncovered at every turn. The techniques and sessions that an anger management therapist can apply during class just may be able to work out that anger. Let’s not forget, one big lie can be just as bad or worse than constant small ones!


1. Assault. Anger leads to violence. If that anger isn’t controlled and manipulated into energy that’s used positively, the final outcome might be a prison sentence. Private anger management classes can help individuals who happen to be married, instead of the couple as a whole. Anger outside the home can be just as likely, especially at a bar. Extreme anger mixed with liquor can make for an assault and jail sentence that may destroy your marriage. No one can be expected to put life and living on hold for years and years so another can pay a debt to society.

Learn Why Anger Management Might Be Right for You

Who Takes Anger Management Classes?
Contrary to popular belief, anger management classes are taken by a variety of people for numerous reasons.  Most people have falsely come to the conclusion that people that take anger classes are hostile, raging lunatics that have been mandated by the court for the ill, hot tempered behavior.  This notion couldn't be farther from the truth.  Regardless of why one decides to take an anger management class, most participants will all agree that their anger has caused problems in relationships that really meant something to them.  They are now seeking help either on their own accord or because they got into some legal trouble.

What Does One Learn in Anger Management?
Again, some misconceptions here.  Anger Management classes really teaches some important life skills rather than trying to teach people how not to be angry anymore.  The problem with trying to not get angry is that it is impossible.  Why?  Simply because anger is a normal human emotion.  We all get angry, just like we all feel hurt, happy, sad, scared or loved.  These classes are aimed at teaching skills in improving communication, empathy, stress management, forgiveness, and much more.  Participants should expect to walk away from each class with a new coping skill.  Anger management is skill based, so practice makes perfect.

Do Anger Management Classes Really Work?
Well, most of the research that has been done has been on either the mentally retarded, substance abuse, or prison populations.  What we do know is that any program that uses a cognitive-behaviorally oriented approach is usually work well so long as they have proven interventions.  Quality programs  can even be found by taking online anger management classes or by contacting a Century Anger Management certified provider in your local area.

How Long Does a Program Take to Complete?
Most standard anger management programs are about eight to twelve weeks or hours in length.  It is best to spread out the classes so that it will one time to learn the lesson and integrate it into ones life.  Anger management is a journey in self-help and healing.  Like anything, it can't be learned overnight or instantly.  There are no "quick fixes" or magic pills for better managing and controlling anger.  The skills must be learned and practiced over time.  Eventually they will become second nature and easy to implement when one does get upset.  Try a class for yourself and see if it makes a different.  I suspect it will!

Taxi Cab Drivers Need Anger Management Classes Now more than Ever

A cab driver found guilty last month of disorderly conduct and sentenced to anger management classes for the way he treated passengers asked the village board to add penalties to a taxi cab ordinance for those who walk away without paying.

Cab drivers have one of the most stressful professions on the planet.  It's not surprising that incidences of road rage occur so frequently with this population.  Luckly, cab drivers, among other high stress careers have access to support if they need it.  While the cab driver mentioned above was mandated to anger management classes, these programs can be taken anytime, at any location online.  Simple investigate some of the online anger management classses that are availalbe.

Anger Management Classes in Virginia

For whatever the reason, we received 5 phone calls today for clients looking for anger management classes in Virginia.  I'm not sure of the meaing of that, but perhaps more people were referred by Virgina courts to attend an anger management class than usual.  While there are some great resources in the state of Virgina, most people find that attending on of our online anger management classes can really be quite convenient, particularly in these summer months when it's hot and harder to travel.  While anger management classes are probably not what most people want to do in their time off, most are surprised by how much they learn.  We hope we were helpful to those that called today.

An Anger Management Blunder-Breast Milk Assault

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to finally comment on this.  The Deleware, Ohio school teacher who drunkenly sprayed police officers with her own breast milk has been fined and put on probation and sentanced to anger management classes. Just when you thought assault could only happen with a weapon a new twist occurs.  Yes, even being sprayed with breast milk can land you in a heap of legal problems.

Don't let your Anger ruin your day!
Anger can often make us impulsive and act in ways we later regret.  Adding alcohol to the mix, we then find ourselves doing things we never would have imagined.  I'm sure this Ohio woman is regretting her actions and I am confident learing skills in anger management will help make a difference.