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Control Your Temper through Online Anger Management Classes

Do you often find yourself furious at the wheel? Do you fling insults at drivers that are in YOUR lane and slowing you down, and even give them the one finger salute? Ever consider anger management classes? I know, it’s filled with all these other people looking at you, but you don’t have to do it that way. There are also online anger management classes.

Online anger management classes are designed to help the online student study, learn, and implement anger control techniques. It will allow them to control their rage and stay calm. That all sounds pretty much the same as a live classroom, doesn’t it? That’s because it is, only better.

Controlling your temper by utilizing online anger management classes is time efficient and easy to understand. The creators of these online classes know that everything in them will be visually based, so making information easily accessible. That easy to access information and material enables you to use any of the information you’ve learned at any time. That makes it very useful when you need to try a new technique!

Not being able to hold your temper can in the worst cases lead to spousal abuse and divorce. If you don’t have the ability to control your temper by channeling your anger, you may lose more than just your temper. Again, online anger management classes can be very useful for working through your anger and adapting instead of just fighting.

There’s no dishonor in bettering yourself by realizing your anger problem and facing it. That’s one of the good things about online anger management - no one has to know unless you tell them. You can start using proven temper control techniques that can make people think you’ve changed overnight.

Being able to control your anger has long lasting effects that change your life in a positive way. People who are able to stay calm and not get angered easily have less stress. Stress is the number one cause for hair loss and heart attacks for men in the United States.

Your bad temper could cause high blood pressure, hyperventilating, and even massive weight gain. Some people take their anger out on food, eating whenever they are angered or stressed. This usually leads to depression about their overweight bodies. That feeds into personal anger even more….see the cycle now?

To find the best anger management website search for reviews. By reading and researching the different sites before making a decision may be a money saving idea. Don’t procrastinate though; the longer you wait the sooner your temper might do something you truly regret when no longer mad.

Most of the websites dealing with anger management will have a “help hotline” that you can call or click on to get immediate help with controlling your anger. It may be surprising, but some people have grown up accepting anger and pain as a part of everyday life…

 Know right now, it doesn’t have to be! Getting help with your anger issues and actually having a good day is possible. Maybe it’s just time you looked at it from a new angle – online anger management. Simple yet effective 8 hour online anger management classes could be a great place to start.

Poor Anger Management Can Lead to a Destroyed Relationship

Anger can be one of the most destructive forces on the planet. If not dealt with properly, anger could damage the ones you love the most. If you’re facing anger issues in your life, don’t turn away from them because ignoring the anger will only make it build up.

Anger has been a growing problem in the United States, especially with road rage. Road rage is the deadliest form of anger that there is. Driving can be dangerous enough when you’re speeding along at 70 miles per hour.  Add in a red-hot temper and you have the makings of a highway catastrophe that could harm your entire family.  Texas leads the pack as of the most problematic roadrage states in the county.

The Mental Health Organization created the Boiling Point Report. This report was centered on anger and the influence it has on families. After the polling was completed, the report was astonishing. A full third of those polled knew someone who had a severe anger problem, and 28% said that they worry about their own anger issues.

The Boiling Point Report went onto say that after extensive research studies covering both adults and children it was shown that treatment for anger problems is possible and does exist. So, if you are on the edge of believing there’s no way to help your anger issues, take a step back and look around; there may be more than one hand reaching out to help.

Behavior when angry is always the harsh opposite to when you’re happy, but 20% - that’s 1 in 5 - of the people polled by the M.H.O. admitted to breaking up with someone for what happened when they were angry. If you don’t get anger management when you know you need it, it may not only hurt you, but also the ones you love.

Even with 20% of the public admitting that they worry about their anger problems, a low 13% of them actually reach out for help. That figure won’t be surprising once you know that the Boiling Point Report stated that 58% of the people had no idea where to go even if they did have an anger problem.

Anger is also the leading cause of self-inflicted injuries. People who are angry and feel trapped by their anger will often cut themselves to take their mind off of the misery that anger can carry with it. If you notice that one of your loved ones is showing signs of anger and frustration, ask them about it. Just having the chance to talk about it will make them feel like they have had a weight lifted off them.

When considering your mood and anger when around you family you must keep in mind that if they see you angry all the time, kids will assume they are the reason for your anger. Eventually, the children will begin to copy your behavior, seeing it as acceptable. That, in itself, causes harm to your family for years to come.

Anger management and stress can be rooted in a person’s childhood, but by getting informed through anger management classes and by showing your family you care, you won’t have to worry about your anger hurting the ones you love. It'll be all taken care of.  Consider online anger management classes as a solution.

8 Simple Anger Management Tips to Get Anger under Control

From Arizona to LA, from time to time you’ll see someone freaking out and losing his or her temper.  They might even be yelling and screaming in anger. It’s not going to get them anywhere, so why do it? Here some simple anger management tips to keep you from being “that guy.”

8. Walk it out
Exercise is often a great way to burn off extra energy and let loose some steam. There’s no better and more accessible way to exercise than by walking.  You’ll be able to take in the fresh air and get that anger out of sight and out of mind. As you walk you’ll either become tired out from walking and therefore too exhausted to be angry, or you’ll have time to think it out and calm down.

7. Laugh
It may sound dumb, but laugh. Stand back from the situation and make a joke about it to ease the seriousness of the moment.

6. Meditating
If you’re a baby boomer or new-ager this might be right up your alley. Meditating will help put a quiet place in your mind and help calm you down. Meditating will help you find a clear and defined solution to what is causing your anger, and how to fix it.

5. Express Yourself
Anger is best relieved when faced directly. Just because something upset you, doesn’t mean it was done with malicious intent. Confront the source of your anger; if it’s another person then calmly express to them what has been bothering you and see if you can come to a compromise.

4. Writing
Writing is a great stress reliever. Whether in a daily journal or in a blog post, writing about what has happened can help immensely. In today’s high tech world of social networking sites like Facebook, writing about your day to your friends can be a huge “pick me up” and get you out of the hole that your anger has gotten you into.

3. Getting space
This can be essential for a couple. Two people that spend a large amount of their time together will naturally have arguments. Some of these arguments can be worse than others. Just get a little space and let each other cool down. I’m not just talking about across the room. Get enough space so that you can’t see one another.  This can apply to friends as well. Any two people or even a group can get very annoyed and angry with each other quickly. Sometimes with a little time and space, everyone can see where they went wrong and can move on.

2. Know Your “Anger Triggers”
For different people there are different things that make them extremely angry.  The surest way of getting your anger under control is to know what your “anger triggers” are. If you know those, you can know when to get help or walk away. Either is better than feeding the anger with a fight. Knowing your triggers means you’ll know what situations to avoid and when to start your anger controls to keep yourself calm.

1. Talk it out
Sometimes the best medicine is simply talking to a friend.  When you find yourself angry and ready to explode, call a good friend and talk it out with him or her. Say exactly what you’re feeling and a good friend will help you talk through it.

These skills can often be learned in online anger management classes or local anger management classes

Sports Fans Need Anger Management Too

So much of our effort is put into addressing the bad behavior of professional sports players and it hasn't been until recently that the spot light has actually been on the fans.  Angry fans create a hostile environment for attending games.  Who wants to go to baseball or football game if you think you might get beat up for liking the "away" team.

Have we lost our humanity?  These are games!  I think us as spectators have completely lost perspective of the importance and meaning that professional games have in our life.  From a developmental perspective, we all go through a period in our life when we want to identify with something.  This identification can come in the form of music, school, sports, art, etc or we can identify with more negative influences such as alcohol or drugs.  Often the spectators who become violent about others who don't support their team are because they have over identified or objectified with the team in an unhealthy way.

I'm almost thinking the professional sports motto in general should be something like "Like us, but don't love us".  Liking a team is much easier and doesn't come with all the emotional baggage that love has.  So whether you live in Oakland, Los Angeles or New York, consider my suggestion.  Being passionate about a sports organization doesn’t mean you need to be polarized by it.  You can still appreciate that others might feel equally as passionate about their club as you do about yours.  We all have a right to stand behind the teams we adore, but it doesn’t mean we have the license to go and attack anyone else for not supporting our team or liking another.

Professional sports might need anger management now more than ever.  Not just the athletes, but the fans are in the spotlight for needing some serious help.  As the saying goes, “can’t we just all get along?”

In any event, anyone who has ever found themselves saying or doing things they regret at a game might really benefit from an short, simple, yet effective online educational anger management class.  Sports fans will learn civility by better understanding concepts in assertive communication, empathy and emotional awareness, stress management, and improving impulsivity.  While we all want to be proud of the teams we cherish, shouldn’t our obligation to humanity supersede our need to win?  I would certainly hope so.

Find Court Ordered Anger Management Classes

It is often difficult to find anger management classes for a court ordered requirement.  If you live in a large city, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or Dallas, the options are much greater than if you live in a smaller more rural area.  Regardless of where you live, anger management is often required by most courts when then judge believes you would benefit from such a class.  It is not the courts responsibility to find the class for you, but often your own.  Classes are sometimes required as part of a plea bargain from a greater offense.  Anger management classes are often requested for disputes that arise between two parties and it doesn't always have to be a domestic dispute.

For example, we recently had a woman register for one of our anger management classes because she got update when pulled over by a police officer at a recent DUI check point.  When asked to step out of the car for a field sobriety screening she refused yelling obscenities at the officers.  While the charges were ultimately dropped, she was still required to take an anger management program.  This was likely due to her impulsive behavior and poor communication skills.

Court ordered anger management classes can often be taken online or in a classroom setting depending on where you live and what is being required.  These classes will help teach skills to reduce impulsively and help increase social awareness.  Other important skills taught in a court ordered anger management class would include assertive communication skills, stress management, skills in empathy, forgiveness, taking time outs, becoming more optimistic and much more. 

Even if you think you want to take a class and it isn't for a court ordered requirement, anger management classes are an excellent way to gain skills that could ultimately help improve a meaningful relationship in your life or prevent a disaster from happening.  Most people with anger related problems will report that it is their behavior that gets them into trouble and then they later regret what the said or did as a result.  Don't become a statistic.  Get skills in anger management today.