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Are Court Ordered Anger Management Classes Effective?

Anger Management classes are sometimes ordered by the courts for any number of reasons.  Often these classes are also taken , for other reasons, without any mandatory requirements , such as for personal growth, or at the request of an employer or relative. When ordered by the courts, anger management classes become mandatory. They may also be ordered by the probation department ,or as a component of a plea bargain or for minor law violations .

If  you have been ordered by the court to take anger management classes, then ,it becomes a legal obligation to fulfill this requirement.  There are certain compulsory obligations for attending or participating in the classes.  The requirements may depend  on your state or county in which you live. In some regions, you may be required to attend live anger management  sessions, and in other areas, you may have the option to take anger management class online. 

It may sometimes be difficult to personally attend live classes, due to any number of reasons that  include  travel restrictions, a busy schedule, and other life commitments, but with the internet and available technology, online courses allow you learn the same anger management tools, as being physically present, but you learn in and self-paced  and lower-stress environment. These classes can easily suit the requirements for Court ordered management classes.

Courses may be ordered by the courts for a number of reasons, that may include, not only learning how to handle anger,but  also how to manage the feelings of anger, than can sometimes lead to stress. These techniques may include strategies to avoid violent tendencies. Other productive tools normally  taught in the courses, include being aware of yourself in stressful situations, how to communicate effectively, and  using stress management  to prevent outbursts of anger.

The number of sessions or hours , demanded, is usually determined by the courts or by probation officers. Often the number of classes, are not specificed, but  typically, the  management course consists of 8-12 anger class sessions. The courses are often taught or facilitated by professionals who are skilled or qualified to work in the fields of psychology or social studies. The Century Anger Management model is most widely used, and is accepted by the courts .It is also recommended by authorities that include  prisons, courts, colleges, and all levels and branches of government agencies that make up law enforcement.

Anger management  classes are not only ordered by courts, but these classes can also be effective in corporate settings. Because of the increased amount of stress that appears in our daily lives, it appears that attendance in  anger management classes has increased. It also seems, that , in an effort to prevent violence and aggression, law  enforcement, the judicial system and anger management professionals are becoming more closely aligned. Anger management can be therapeutic treatment in a variety of cases, such as child custody , and divorce. Court ordered anger management classes can also be effective in potential harmful situations and can diffuse arguments. It is an interesting concept to think that anger management classes be ordered for terrorists before seeds of anger begin to germinate.This can prevent the unwarranted destruction that accompanies their activities.

When should you consider anger management classes?

While anger is a natural and healthy human emotion, there are certain cases where an individual does and says things that may be considered as extreme as a result of anger. If these extreme reactions to anger are a common occurrence,  then anger management classes should be considered. The decision to take the classes can be made by the individual who needs them, loved ones, colleagues  and in extreme cases through a court order. Understanding why you need to enroll into anger management classes will help in the achievement of faster and long term results.

Anger management classes are professionally designed sessions that are intended to help you avoid extreme reactions when angered. These extreme reactions are in the form of actions and statements that you and others view as being beyond acceptable, despite the anger. While anger may occasionally cause us to say or do things which we would normally not do, this should be an exception and not a norm. Finding yourself having to regularly apologize for things you said or did when angry is the first sign that you need to consider anger management classes.

In the initial stages of an anger management problem, people tend to be remorseful about what they did when angry. They apologize and try to make amends for what they did wrong. As the problem becomes more sever, the remorse is replaced by resentment. Most people with serious anger management issues will resent others for pushing them into awkward and embarrassing situations. They view the problem as an external rather than internal issue. Failure to seek intervention at this point will in many cases have serious consequences to others and the individual.

Knowing the symptoms of an anger management issue will help in early intervention which will ensure that serious consequences are avoided. Identifying and accepting an anger management problem is usually the first and most significant step of the process. Signs that there may be an anger management issue include;
1. Frequently having to apologize for things said or done when angry.
2. Feeling misunderstood, stressed, pressured and judged by others.
3. Losing and damaging relationships as a result of things said and done when angry.
4. Being feared and avoided by children.
5. Losing and missing out on business and work opportunities due to angry reactions.

While there are other signs which indicate anger management issues, these are some of the most basic and common signs of having an anger problem. If you find yourself or someone close to you going through some or all of the above, it is very likely that they are in need of help. The best place to get them the help they need is in anger management classes.

Once enrolled in an Anger Class Online, you will go through sessions that are designed to help you regain control over your anger. Instead of anger driving you into embarrassing and potentially dangerous reactions, you will be able to rationally deal with situations. Your personal and professional relationships will improve and your self esteem will be up as you realize the benefits of being in control of your emotions.

Anger Management Classes Help Teens and Parents

Anger management can be one of the biggest problems that teens and parents face today. For the parents, it can be the unreasonable and infuriating acts of self-destruction followed by the infamous answer of, “I don’t know”. For the teens, it can be the idea that they get no freedom and no responsibility, as if their parents are choking them emotionally.

Why Anger Management?
For parents this anger can lead to varying types of abuse on their children, including yelling, screaming, and even physical abuse such as hitting in the face, body or locking them in closets and basements. Anger can be a powerful enemy, so making sure it is under control  and can be handled is crucial.

Teen anger can get extremely powerful, simply because they aren’t sure how to deal with the emotion effectively. I once even watched a healthy teen boy smack his head against a wall until it bled, simply because he was angry with his stepmother and father. At times, there is no other choice but anger management classes for teens and parents.

Free Anger
Many teens and parents don’t know how to free anger or frustration in healthy ways, and it builds up. Pent-up anger and frustration will only lead the parent and/or teen to a explosion of anger that’s possibly as violent as it is repressed.

Anger management classes teaches parents and teens the proper ways to free anger in healthy ways that will make expressing themselves easier and in ways that won’t cause undue anger or instigate the problem just by responding to it.

Group Classes
In many big cities there are free and open groups online and off, where you and your teen can go together, or separately, to talk out your problems and find ways to solve that anger through the in-put of those who have gone through similar problems. The idea of the round table group therapy discussion is outdated and ineffective.  Group anger management using a structured curriculum is standard practice.

The Price
Getting help for your and your teens anger issues doesn’t have to be overly expensive and, honestly, that’s why many people don’t seek treatment. With the invention and popularity of the internet, you can find anger management class online or in person group classes or private therapy that will assist you and your teen with the anger issues that can set you off and how to deal with it when it happens.

Anger Test
One of the simplest tools that is used to determine how much a teen or parent needs anger management is an anger test. This anger test is meant to tell how angry you actually get and how easily it happens. The anger test is the first step to anger management classes that help teen and parents all over the world.

6 Ways Anger Management Classes will Improve your Relationships

The bottom line when wanting to do anything is to know that what you’re doing will improve the situation. No one wants to spend money, especially on anger management classes, if they don’t know what they’ll get out of them, or if they’ll even work at all. So, to ease some of those fears and help you understand how anger management classes will improve your relationships, I have put together 6 examples how anger management classes will improve your relationships.

6. You Better Recognize
Being able to recognize when your anger levels are getting over worked is essential to improving your communications and active relationships. If you can recognize when you are angry, resentful, or hurt, it will help you control these emotions from becoming  a huge flaming ball of anger. Anger management classes will also help you recognize the fact that when you feel angry, resentful, or hurt, chances are the other person does as well!

5. Appreciation Levels
When you complete an anger management class your appreciation levels are raised from where they once were. Not just the appreciation for your partner, kids, or job, but for life and being able to be happy for once. Knowing you now have control over the anger instead of the anger controlling you, gives off a great feeling of achievement. Once your appreciation levels start to increase, you’ll be surprised how many people actually appreciate you more than you ever thought.

4. Communication
Along with raised appreciation for life and every happy thing about you, the communication that your relationships are based off will improve, especially if angered or in an argument. You will learn that purposely talking over another while mad or even ignoring someone, famously known as the silent treatment, is working against your end goal and can be emotionally harmful. With this raised level of communication, recognition, and appreciation your happiness levels will sky rocket and your anger may take a real dip, which is always for the best. When a person can control their anger levels it often helps calm the anger levels of others, making the situation less volatile from the beginning.

3. Understanding
Understanding your anger is a huge benefit you will get from anger management classes and will help improve your relationships ten fold. Not knowing what angers you, and not knowing that you can do something about it, can make all the difference in exemplifying that anger into something truly ugly. That type of ugly anger is something that can push away even the oldest and best of friends. So, really, understanding your own anger and what causes it is one of the best lessons that anger management classes will use to improve your relationships.

2. Self Control
Anger management classes will give you multiple choices of self-control options. These options can help you work out your anger in ways that don’t harm anyone and definitely doesn’t harm any of your relationships. Going for a walk, writing, hobby, talking to a sponsor, or going to see your anger therapy group are all great ways for gaining and learning self-control over your anger issues.

1. Change Your Environment
Anger management courses can give people some of the simplest pieces of advice to fix their anger problems… change your environment. If you constantly find yourself angry about the same things every day, this will not only annoy you to no end… but also those you have relationships with. Do your kids, your parents, or your wife, know not to bother you at a certain time every day or a volcano can erupt from your forehead? One of the best tools anger management can teach is how to change your environment to help control your outside sources of anger and frustration.

These are just a few of the ways that anger management classes will improve your relationships.  From Boulder, CO to Los Angeles, learning skills to improve relationships can be found in a simple 12 hour anger class online

How Long is a Court Ordered Anger Management Class?

Court ordered anger management classes are really no different then their "self-growth" counterpart.  In fact, the class is actually the same, just the reason for taking the class is different.  While some people take a court required anger management classes as part of a plea bargain for an assault charge or being in a fight, they can sometimes be assigned simply because the judge thinks you need one.  Regardless of your reason, anger management classes can be benefit you for a variety of reasons.

Some people are intimidated to attend an anger management class that might be filled with "angry court ordered clients".  This fallacy couldn't be farther from the truth.  The reality is that people that attend these classes are usually very nice, simply looking for some help improving skills to make the more functional in relationships.

it is important to keep in mind that not all anger programs are court approved.  Court approved anger management courses must meet certain criteria, such as be offered by a licensed and trained anger management professional as well as use a well recognized and structured curriculum. 

Participants of these programs can expect to learn skills in many areas, such as improving communication, learning how to better manage stress and becoming more empathic.  Unlike other groups that one can attend, anger management classes are really meant to be educational.  There should not be a group therapy focus or you probably in the wrong class.  Each class should include a new lesson and there should be exercises to practice in between each of the new skills the person is practicing.

Any court ordered anger class should also offer the participant a certificate of completion to provide to the court. The certificate should have a unique certificate number that any court official can verify. The certificate should also include the providers license number and other related credentials. Being a continuing education provider does not mean the course is certified or approved. For most people, continuing education may not apply. We recommend asking for two copies of the certificate so that you can keep one for your records.

While most courts will specify the duration of the class, we typically recommend about at 12 hour anger management class.  This is enough time to cover the basic and necessary skills while still meeting the number of class hours most state courts mandate.  You can always contact your local court and find out what they require for your specific case.