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Anger Management is Needed for Everyone, Even Celebrities

Is Anthony Michael Hall the next poster child for anger management? He was recently booked on a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace after an altercation with a neighbor at his Los Angeles condo.

The neighbor called 911 after he saw Hall tearing up plants in the common area of the condo complex. Then Hall threatened to beat him up for complaining.

Anger is one emotion we all share.  Regardless of whether you are a movie star, singer, politician or other high profile person, anger tends to be one of the single most common emotions that adversely effect all humanity.  When we get too angry, we often loose control of our impulses and good judgement.  This is also true with how alcohol effects many of us.  There comes a point in time where we end up saying or doing things we later regret because our anger overcomes our very being.

I suspect that Mr. Hall will not want to participate in anger management as many actors have tried to avoid it.  What most don't realize is how incredibly beneficial anger management classes can be.  They teach participants a variety of skills in areas that most of us won't deny we need improvement.  Who wouldn't want to be a better communicator or improve their ability to manage stress?  How about increase skills in empathy and optimism?  These are just some of thing that are taught in a quality anger management program.

While most celebrities could likely benefit from anger classes, the rest of us "mortals" probably could too.  Those that take anger management classes will often report that their relationships improve.  These could be relationships at work, with a loved one, a friend or even a family member.  Don't you owe it to yourself to make some changes to your life for the better?  Maybe pass on the next spa trip and take an anger management course instead.  It might just be the best treatment you ever gave yourself.

Police Need Anger Management Too

A Glendale police officer will have to take anger management classes after admitting he hit a driver during an off-duty road-rage incident.

Eric Ritter accepted a plea deal Monday in connection with an amended misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace, which includes a section on fighting in public, court officials said.

Police are under a tremendous amount of stress and it's no surprise that this incident made the news.  They often have few outlets to deal with their own anger and frustrations of daily life as officers.  I would make the argument that all police staff should be trained in anger management.  It would help them improve their coping skills both on and off the job.

Anger management skills would include learning assertive communication, empathy, forgivness, improving self-talk, stress managment and much more.  Police department can even traing their staff online through bundled pricing for employer anger management programs.

Anger Management Classes for those with a Bad Attititude?

The New York man who a prosecutor said was a victim of "his own bad attitude" has been ordered to complete an anger management course as part of his sentence for resisting arrest.  Just when you thought attititude didn't matter, a judge can decide that your outlook and attitude warrent anger classes.

Contrary to popular belief, anger behavior is actually linked to attitude as well as feelings.  There is much scientific evidence to support that thinking, feelings and behaviors are all inter-related.  Anger management classes can help those with a bad attititude on a number of levels.  These classes will teach skills to help improve flawed thinking or belief's that are getting in the way for functioning at our best.

While anger management classes aren't the cure to all anger control problems, they certainly are a start.  As it relates to attitude in court, lesson learned.  Don't be sour grapes, or you might find yourself taking anger management classes too!

Even Celebrities Need Anger Management

Mel Gibson’s struggle with anger management is no new news and came to light after various celebrity websites released audio of the star’s hate-filled rants.  What most people don't realize is that celebrities are people two.  They make mistakes just like everyone else.  Celebrities are not immune to substance abuse and mental disorders, divorce, poor health or managing anger.  Celebrity anger just gets more attention because their names are so well known.  Most people also associate their personalities to the people or characters they play on TV or in movies, which can often be contradictory to their real life personas.  Taking an anger management class could make you even more gifted then your favorite celebrity who refuses anger management classes because they don't believe they need it.  Anger doesn't discriminate, we all get angry sometimes.

Get Anger Under Control and Start Enjoying Your Life

Anger can start taking control of person's thoughts, actions, and eventually life, starting at a very early age. When we are young our angry outbursts were expected because we, as small children, knew no other way of expressing what we wanted and were unable to get what we wanted unless it was, strictly, given. As time goes on, what's supposed to happen is that we learn to work for what we want, negotiate for what we want, or use some other fashion to solve our current problem without relying on violent outbursts or fits of anger to get our way. As an adult, all anger will earn you is a court ordered therapy and in some cases jail time.

If you're experiencing technical difficulties in the anger and tolerance area, then maybe a online anger management class is something that might help you tackle that anger and keep it down so you and the ones you love can enjoy a happy life, even in the midst of stress.

The first thought that comes into the average person's mind when considering online anger classes is the price. When any type of therapy gets mentioned we automatically start thinking on astronomical scales. With online anger management online the prices for classes can be considerably less than the standard in-office visit.

Some of the individuals who most need therapy will find reasons and excuses not to go. The classic passive-aggressive excuse for not going to anger classes is scheduling. The excuses of 'I was to busy' or using the great American excuse, 'I work to much.' Well, with online anger management classes the excuse of 'no time' flies right out the window!

Online anger management classes can be fixed to fit into your schedule, no matter how sporadic, evolving, or random that it might be. There's no commute time, there's no wait room, there's no unnecessary distractions or traffic to slow you down. Just have a seat, log in, and get your online anger management classes going right now! It's that easy and it can be that fast it's all up to you.

The bottom line in participating with any type of educational program is knowing for certain that the person your allowing to do the training is a skilled and qualified professional. There is a quick way to know this with confidence. It's a little more costly, but by using a court approved online anger class you can be certain you're getting the best care.

Checking for this is simple. The online anger management class should offer a certificate of completion offered by a licensed and/or certified and trained provider. You can also look and see if the provider has a quality rating from the better business bureau.

Ari Novick, Ph.D. is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified anger management provider for both adults and adolescents. Dr. Novick is also an adjunct professor of psychology at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology.He is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified anger management provider for both adults and adolescents. Click here for more information on Anger Management Classes
Dr. Ari Novick is a psychotherapist who provides world class Anger Management Classes Online.