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Anger Management Classes Help Couples and Families Through Tough Times

As couples and families spend more time with one another, there is a more likely chance that they will get on each other's nerves at some point or another. It's not uncommon for the unity of the couple or family to fall apart from simple, and most time unnecessary, anger.

It's not always a single thing that is upsetting you, or even the loved one you find yourself taking it out on. Many times it's because the couple or family don't know how to properly express that anger or disruption, and over time that causes them to lash out or explode at just the wrong time.

Why Use Anger Management for Families
One of the leading causes of anger is trained anger. This may sound strange but people are taught to be angry from a very early age. Anger often starts as a child taught from parents that are also angry. Over time the child will learn that it's okay to treat other people with anger. When a family has anger management issues and does nothing about it, it will teach the children that the anger is a normal part of life. When they see it between two people, such as their mother and father, they will begin to think that such anger is actually a normal part of having a healthy relationship.

Neither of that is true and all measures should be taken to ensure that your children don't get the idea that anger and constant arguing is normal. Anger management classes will show the family, including the children, the proper techniques to express and release their anger in a productive way.

Without this, the entire family may just fall deeper into a hole of anger that will eventually pour into their social lives and the children's school life. The result of that continuing fall into anger for the parents may lead to divorce or even abuse. That very anger at home may even lead the child to run away, being afraid of coming home to it all.

If a divorce is the result of the anger, it may even be an issue in the divorce proceedings. If, and when, it comes out in court that the couple argued insistently and the children showed effects of it in school and in other social activities, then the judge may require both parents to take anger management as well as parent classes.

Why Use Anger Management for Couples
Anger management online can also be a great tool for couples as well as families. Just because there aren't any children in the house doesn't mean the people around you aren't being affected by your constant arguments. The time for anger management classes come when you notice your friends starting to fade away.

You may notice them leaving when you get into a small spat, or just not being around period just to get away from the drama and anger that is around the two of you as a couple. People get tired of being around others that can't get along or at least know how to express themselves openly and honestly without a new fight breaking out.

If you don't want to chase away your friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or even teach your kids that treating people with anger is okay, then you should enroll yourself and significant others into an anger management class before you lose more than you ever thought possible to simple anger and frustration.

Managing Anger over the Holidays is No Easy Task

During the Holidays that's when family members come together. Relatives and friends you have not seen for so long, this is the time you see them again. Therefore this can bring old resentments and grievances that can often lead to anger. Many people find themselves time stressed with holiday preparations which even lowers coping ability. Others have come to dislike holidays because of the fights and disagreements which consequently result in anger and resentment. Anger is triggered by many things of which if you do not know how to control it, it will definitely continue to ruin a potentially relaxing holiday if you don't catch yourself. Therefore managing anger over your holiday you need to develop and apply the following skills which will help you have a different outcome.

  • If you want to manage anger over the holiday, be careful with the amount of alcohol you consume because excessive drinking contributes to conflict and aggression.
  • Manage your time carefully so that you do not over schedule yourself, in other wide plan ahead and set aside Specific days or time for each item to be done, and give more time to yourself.
  • You have to learn to be empathetic. Try to view the world from the shoes of other people and you will be shocked at how you anger dissipates.
  • Dealing with anger in the holidays you may need to adjust your expectations, keeping in the back of your mind that things can go different from how you have planed them. You have to adjust your expectations of family and friends remembering that you are only with them for a short time.
  • If you are to manage anger in your holiday, work on your forgiveness skills. You have to know that holding grudges against others hurts basically you. Let old resentments go and work on new and better relationships.
  • You can manage anger over the holiday through self-esteem. Boost you self-esteem and know your worth. This will help you to avoid indulging in unnecessary arguments and fights which would cause you to anger.
  • You have to learn to acknowledge your feelings. If something happens may be you are rejected or disappointed just know that it's normal to feel sad in such a situation. Its fine to cry since it also helps us to let go. 
  • Managing anger over the holiday requires you to be realistic and more flexible. Things don't always go the same way they usually do. As family grows, changes have to take place and new traditions and rituals often come in. so control anger by being open to change and creating new ideas.

One thing you have to really do is to stick to your budget. Before you do any thing decide how much money you are to spend and hold to it. Excess spending will always cause disappointment and anger in your holiday.
Learn to practice relaxation skills. If any thing disappoints relax. You can do this by taking a deep breath, take a walk, listen to your favorite music or getting some exercise. By doing this you are restoring inner calmness.
Hold on to your health habits and don't let your holidays become a free for all. Indulging yourself in everything just because it's a holiday will eventually cause you to feel guilt and anger. Also you have to continue exercising and get plenty of sleep.
Managing anger over holidays requires you to learn to say no. Not every thing that your friends tell you to do you want it. They will understand if you don't participate in every activity. Saying yes when you should have said no would only lead to feelings of resentment and anger.

If your holiday is to be anger free, you need to develop a positive attitude. Looking at things with a good attitude will save you from a lot of anger. Appreciate people the way they are and learn to handle every one according to their unique personality traits. Managing anger over the holiday is not a joke. Anger is often a difficult emotion to manage over the holidays.  As a gift to yourself or a loved one, consider anger management classes as an option.  It could be the best holiday present decision you ever made.

Anger Management Class for Couples, Try it Before It's Too Late!

Anger is a natural human response to events in the environment.  It occurs when something happens to an individual and they feel that is was not appropriate or acceptable.  Naturally, people will respond to the situation in order to try to resolve it.  Their emotional response is to be unhappy and not comfortable.  There may also be physical or verbal responses to the issue.

Anger may cause fighting or arguing.  This destroys relationships in many cases.  People who are angry all of the time are not able to have a lot of decent relationships.  Their feelings of hostility will separate them from others.  They may tend to argue with anyone who is close to them.  In some cases, they may cause physical harm to others when they are not happy.  This can include fighting, yelling or other abusive behaviors. 

Relationships function well when people are comfortable with each other.  Angry people are rarely comfortable and are normally too hostile to be in a relationship.  A relationship share connection where people have a sense that they are connected and relaxed.   Married couples form this type of connection in order to manage finances, have romantic moments and raise children together.  Families have relationships in order to be able to live together or complete tasks as a team.

If someone is having difficulty maintaining relationships, they may need anger management help.  This type of program will help to cope with the feelings of anger.  It will teach individuals to properly respond to others when they are irate.  It is natural to be angry for humans but it is not OK to physically hard another simple because one feels upset.  The correct responses can be learned in order to save relationships.  It is possible to be angry and not to argue or cause harm to others.  It is also possible to be enraged and resolve a situation without damaging a relationship.  For many individuals, these responses need to be learned from taking anger classes.  Many of the programs will help the individuals to know when they are angry and to understand how angry they are.  Some individuals do not think clearly when they are upset.  They tend to make impulse decisions that will destroy relationships and get them into trouble.

If you want to have good relationships that don't become destroyed, you need to control your anger.  Make sure that you are not saying or doing things before you think.  Seek help from a professional if you have difficulty keeping relationships with others through Online Anger Management or even a local anger managment course.  It is possible to learn the proper behaviors and control your anger.  You will want others to feel comfortable and safe near you.

Learn How to Combat Workplace Anger

With the increase of financial stress in the economy, comes the increased possibility of violence and anger being expressed in the workplace. This certainly is a matter of serious concern to both  management and employees alike. This problem can be seen in both an increase of violence from customers, and anger by employees expressed towards others in the workplace. For instance, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics the leading cause of death of women in the workplace is homicide.

 In the USA, the employee has a legal right to a " threat free"  workplace. Employers have legal responsibility to provide this work environment.  So what can be done to keep peace in the workplace?

In the United States OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has a whole series of articles to help employers set up policies and programs to promote a happy productive work environment. They suggest that employers have a written workplace violence prevention program in place and enforced by management. This plan would need to anticipate customer anger and violence and also that that may erupt between employees.

Customers who have anger issues are a problem in every work setting and certainly is a contingency that needs to be planned for. No matter what you do, some people are going try to pick quarrels with your staff. You need a firm plan in place to deal with this inevitable problem. Brainstorm with staff to come with solutions that are workable in your particular environment. Have set procedures to refer angry customers to Management as rapidly possible to prevent escalation  of conflicts caused by emotionally "needy" customers.

As for employee anger expressed towards others int he workplace  OSHA suggests a zero tolerance policy. One has no control over what  customer comes in off the street, but employees in the the internal environment can be informed of zero tolerance of angry outbursts in the workplace. This needs to be both modeled and enforced by management. Employees may come from backgrounds where they did not learn learn appropriate conflict resolution behaviors and need to see management demonstrate them on a consistent basis. They also need to be instructed in conflict resolution procedures considered appropriate for your work setting.

For both customer and employee anger management the employer needs to have a written plan for dealing with these issues as they inevitably arise. New employees should receive training in these policies and sign written agreements of adherence to these company procedures. Management should train employees in skills to handle angry customers and staff. The employee should feel comfortable seeking aid when an explosive out of control customer or employee is on the premises. Modes of mediating disagreements  between employees at the lowest level of conflict should be in place and part of the normal day-to-day work environment. Certainly, it is best to resolve issues early before they fester until a moment of explosion.

For many more great suggestions on defusing and avoiding workplace violence and to getting help for employees, consider corporate anger management classes.

Anger Management Classes Really Work

I've made many observations over the years as a licensed clinician and anger management instructor.  I would estimate that I have seen thousands of anger management students over the last 9 years.  I'll estimate that it's about 5000 clients that I have personally seen in my office either in a group setting or individually.  I've had the unique opportunity to work with a broad range of clients all with varying backgrounds, education, life experience, religion, work experience, socio economic levels, etc.  I've also been able to utilize an approach that has allowed me to refine my skills and really hone in on what works.

Working in the field of anger management does come with it's challenges.  Many approach anger as if it is something that should be removed, like an exorcism, while others just want to better control it through learning new skills.  Anger is like any human emotion.  It plays a powerful role in how we feel, think and behave.  Anger should not be judged as either good or bad, but rather it is the behavior that results from feeling angry that may be judged.  Anger is normal, and it is powerful.  Anger can help us get through emergencies and it can trigger our brains to act quickly.  Anger can also be dangerous because it often affects our ability for good judgement and impulse control.  When we get too angry, there is a part of our brain called the amygdala which gets "high jacked".  When this high-jacking occurs, we often say and do things we later regret.

The key in anger management is to learn how to keep our anger levels low enough so that we can think clearly and make good decisions.  Part of keeping our anger levels lower is possessing the skills needed in order to do so.  Skill enhancement is really what anger management classes are all about.  We teach evidence based interventions that help clients better think, feel and behave.  Students will learn skills such as assertive communication, stress management, forgiveness, empathy and emotional awareness, improving internal dialog and self-talk, expectation management, and staying calm in difficult situations.

Anger management classes are often a great first line intervention when seeking help for behavior problems that are damaging a relationship.  Words are only meaningful if the behavior that follows is congruent with what is being said.  Learning to skills in anger management will not only help improve relationships, but also make you feel better as a person too.  If you think you don't have time for class, think again.  These classes can also be taken as an Anger Class Online